FANPOLE | Portable Tailgating Flag Pole for Your Truck

Real Fans Have Real Flags

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FanPole is a Portable Flag Pole that Hooks into your Trailer Hitch Receiver allowing Sports Fans to Fly Their Team’s Flag on the Road, while Tailgating, or at the Game.



Everyone will be checking you out as you roll to the game rocking a FanPole.  Nothing’s sexier (besides a good looking woman) than showing your team colors loud and proud.  FanPole lets you wave your love of sports in the face of all those flying weakness from their windows with dinky flags.


The FanPole is made from solid steel, so you know it’s legit.  It will last as long as your team spirit will.  The FanPole is made of heavy gauge steel and attaches to any standard trailer hitch and uses resin clamps, complete with locking hardware.


The setup process for your FanPole is easier than a freshman sorority chick.  The FanPole attaches to any standard trailer hitch easily secures nearly any size flag to its solid steel structure using the simple hardware and tools included.

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  • COLLAR BASE (goes around a receiver hitch)
  • CLIPS (to attach your flag’s grommets)
  • RECEIVER PIN  (to keep your  Hitch base in the receiver)
  • FLAG POLE PIN (locks the flag pole into the Hitch or Collar base)
  • FANPOLE TOOL (used to tighten the various bolts)

          *  FLAG NOT INCLUDED  *



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How It Works

STEP 1.  Insert the hitch base into any standard sized receiver hitch.

STEP 2.  Use the receiver pin to lock the receiver base into place. Once you have put the receiver pin through your receiver and the provided hitch base, use the cotter pin to lock the receiver pin into place.

STEP 3.  Attach the upper pole to the lower pole, tighten using the FanPole Tool. (Make sure they are tight)

STEP 4. Attach the Flag of your choosing (no raiders flags) to the clips on the upper pole. These attach by putting the grommet on the flag in the middle of the clip and putting the bolt through the clip and the grommet of the flag.

STEP 5.  Put the flag pole in the hitch base.

STEP 6. Use the flag pole pin to go through the hitch and the flag pole. Once the pin is in place use the cotter pin provided to lock the pin into place.  Make sure that the pin is through the flag pole and that you cannot pull the flag pole out of the Hitch Base.

Step 7. Pull on the receiver hitch, the lower flag pole, the upper flag pole and the flag to make sure that they are secure and properly installed.

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